September 2014

Thank you for your interest in trading at the Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market which brings together large numbers of motivated buyers with knowledgeable sellers of produce, added-value regional food and beverages, plants and flowers.

Trade is only possible by successful application to the Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market via their Vendor Application to Trade form.

To ensure the Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market will continue in a manner beneficial and safe to all, a range of standard Terms and Conditions of Trade must be complied with.



1.         All goods offered for sale must be the trader’s own whether grown, made, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, smoked or otherwise produced. Added-value products should be based on locally produced goods. There will be occasional exceptions where the base product cannot be grown in the region or even in New Zealand, but the stall holder has added the majority of the value (examples include roasted coffee or bread).

2.         The Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market Incorporated Society reserves the right to select traders on such grounds as quantity and type of those goods already on offer, quality and uniqueness of product, compatibility with a desired product mix, tangible local economic development benefit, timing, aesthetics & presentation and on physical site considerations including space available. The Society also reserves the right to judge people on past behaviour. Strong preference is given to local, Upper Clutha, Otago, Southland and South Westland products in that order.

3.         The Wanaka Farmers and Gardeners Market aspires towards the highest quality produce being offered within the marketplace and favours locally produced goods, however, it is recognized by the management committee that the Upper Clutha has a challenging environment and a particularly short growing season. Therefore, to foster growth of the market, joint ventures between local producers and those within the Otago, Southland and South Westland regions will be considered to enable constant supply and help maintain the market’s viability. Any such proposals should be made to the management committee prior to the beginning of each market selling season.

4.         The Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market encourages sustainable business practices and has implemented a zero-waste policy at the market site (see details below).

5.         The Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market discourages goods purchased or repackaged for resale, however, at the committee’s discretion, stalls that sell goods such as these, that are farm-origin products, may merit a place at the market.


6.         Traders once accepted by the Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market Incorporated Society must comply with current Terms and Conditions of Trade as stated above. The Society reserves the right to cancel acceptance of a trader, without notice, for failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Trade.

7.         The Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market Incorporated Society operates in strict accordance with all relevant legislation including trading standards, environmental health, occupational safety and health regulations, liquor licensing and with those conditions imposed on it under its license to occupy the current or any subsequent market site.

8.         The Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market venue is on Pembroke Park opposite the lake front on the corner of Ardmore and Dungarvon streets and in Spencer House Mall during the winter months.

9.         The Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market hours of trade are each Thursday afternoon from 3:00pm (excepting during the winter months when the start time is 4:00 pm), regardless of weather, unless otherwise determined by the Operations Manager. Exceptions to these hours are only when, in the opinion of the Society, it would be hazardous to continue or on any public holiday where public trade is restricted by legislation, such as when Christmas Day falls on a Thursday.

10.       Vendors are encouraged to provide information on their growing / production practices such as listing ingredients and whether something has been produced naturally or with the aid of chemicals.


11.       Approved traders will be allocated a site suitable for their business, solely for the sale of goods/products as described on their successful Vendor Application to Trade form provided no hazard is created by their occupation of that space. The site must be left in at least as clean a condition as that in which it was found. Vendors are encouraged to bring their own shade as none is provided by the Market.

12.       Site fees due are payable to the Operations Manager (or other authorised person) on demand, unless otherwise provided for in advance. A receipt will be issued.

13.       The Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market retains the right to alter fees at any time.


14.       Vehicle parking may be allocated.


16.       The Society provides recycle & rubbish bins on site for the use of the public. Each Trader is responsible for disposing of his/her own rubbish and waste off site, on the day

17.       In keeping with & supporting Sustainable Wanaka practices, the market has a no-plastic bag policy in order to encourage customers to bring their own bags. Traders are requested to use paper bags, recycled bags or boxes for goods sold.

18.       Furthermore, as part of a zero-waste policy, we ask traders to use biodegradable / compostable cups & containers.


19.       Traders shall indemnify the Society against claims, demands, proceedings, suit costs, damages, expenses and losses whatsoever for damages that might occur to persons or property as a consequence of participation in the Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market.

20.       Traders are required to ensure all equipment is properly anchored in the interests of public, trader and staff safety.


21.       Applications must be made on the Wanaka Farmers & Gardeners Market Vendor Application to Trade form. No other form of application will be considered. On the first day of a Trader’s trading, that Trader will also be required to complete a Queenstown Lakes District Foodstall License Application, but there is no extra cost to the Trader as the Market maintains a general license that aims to cover all Traders.

22.       All relevant information must be made known to the Society at the time of application.

23.       A separate application must be made for any goods or services intended for sale but not previously described and approved for trade.

24.       Terms and Conditions of Trade are subject to change by the Society without prior notification and will be binding on all traders.

25.       Vendors are expected to provide their own table/stall requirements. No power is available on site.